Quoting Process

We thank you for your consideration! Since our inception, we've been no strangers to napkin drawings, walkin-in repairs, professional vector art, and everything in between. E-mailing a digital file and product description to The Laser Shop is the quickest method for getting a quote. As the occasion may arise, please clearly indicate updates on new print revisions that we may miss. We want to make your product to specification, every time!

We request the following information in your email to our Estimator to expeditiously quote your product.

• Attach a clear print with dimensions (.pdf; .dxf; or .dwg);

• Include a quantity of parts to be produced;

• Clearly indicate material type and who shall supply it;

• Any specific requirements not noted on the print, which may include certain operations you would like us to perform;

• The date by which you would like the quote returned and desired turnaround time for the project; and

• Pertinent contact information.