Precision Press Brake Forming

Our operators have been trained to produce highly accurate angles with our press brakes, rollers, and tube bender. Forming is a commonly requested service after the laser cutting process at The Laser Shop. Complex formed products can be made to specification with our six-axis back gage press brake. Air bending with our punches and dies is our preferred method during the forming process. We have a variety of punches and dies to accommodate your needs, including customizing our tooling. Ask our Estimator about our ability to produce your product.

Forming Abilities
Ferrous Metals
Non-ferrous Metals
Tube Bending

Equipment Used to Form Product
Trumpf V230 Press Brake System―250-ton press brake
Trumpf V85S Press Brake System―85-ton press brake
AccurPress Press Brake System―60-ton press brake
Ercolina Tube, Pipe, & Profile Bender
(Bending capacity 2½-inch tube or 2-inch schedule 40)
Baileigh Hydraulic Plate Roller (Medium-heavy Gage)
Pexto Plate Roller (Medium-light Gage)
Baileigh Bench-mount Manual Plate Roller (Light Gage)

Multi-Bend Formed Steel
Here's some 3/16-inch mild steel with two 90 degree bends.
We can do this all day long.
Formed Half-inch Steel
The Laser Shop can precision bend half-inch steel up to a certain length, given current press brake capabilities.
The Baileigh Hydraulic Plate Roller
Getting this part rolled back this far takes multiple passes through the rolling machine to gradually expand and bend the metal without cracking or over rolling it.
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