The Laser Shop's paint booth connects to a paint curing oven of much larger capacity so that mass quantities of coated parts can be efficiently cured in the oven. The painting process begins by thoroughly cleaning the material to be painted, followed by priming, painting, curing, and inspecting the product to ensure it reaches our customer as specified. Ask our Estimator about our ability to produce your product.

Painting Specifications
Paint Booth Capacity of 8 x 10 feet
Col-met Curing Oven
Calibrated Coating Thickness Gauge
ASTM D3359 Test Method A or B
Calibrated Hygrometer
Dip Painting
Third-party Relationships for plating, anodizing, powder coating, and other coating vendors as needed.

Spray Painting in the Paint Booth
The painter is applying a specified coating of primer to these parts.
Paint Curing Oven
Now the painter is moving the parts into the curing oven. It's too humid and takes too long to let the parts sit and dry. Placing painted products in the curing oven will speed up the drying process.
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