Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Sheet metal laser cutting allows fast, precise, and consistent cutting of nested shapes and blanks. We have four CO2 laser operating systems. The Laser Shop commonly cuts any grade of mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and many other materials, including wood and some proprietary materials. We are also capable of producing appearance sensitive parts. If necessary, we also have a tumbler for removing oxidation, small burrs, or minor blemishes from the product after our laser cutting process. Ask our Estimator about our ability to produce your product.

Laser Cutting Range
0.001―0.6250-inch mild steel sheet metal
0.001―0.3125-inch stainless steel sheet metal
0.001―0.2500-inch aluminum sheet metal
5 x 10-feet material maximum
lights-out laser cutting

The Laser Shop's Four Laser Processing Systems
Mazak SUPER TURBO-X510 Mk II CO2 (one stand-alone and two in tandem)
Mitsubishi ML2512LXP CO2

Tandem Mazak Laser Conveyor System
This is the starting point for the tandem machine setup. Sheet metal is loaded onto this conveyor system's table. It picks up a sheet of metal using suction cups and transports it to one of the two lasers for cutting.
Tandem Mazak Lasers
Right now, we are cutting two separate jobs on each laser. After removing the finished job, we'll make a few setting adjustments to the second laser and inspect the first part cut on that laser so that both lasers can cut the same job to get it done faster.
Tumbled versus Untumbled Steel
The one on top is tumbled, the one on the bottom has laser oxide on it. Some of our customers request their parts be tumbled after the laser cutting process to remove the scaling, or oxidation that is residual from the laser cutting process.
Cut Quality is Imperative
These parts are cut perfectly! They are ready for shakeout: That's where our guys have to take out the parts and the tab has to be removed.
Half-inch Steel Cut Quality
Nobody likes to see bad cut quality.
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